The Roman Catholic Diosece of Mogadiscio in Somalia and Catholic Mission in Somalia is an organizations to help and support the Diocese of Somalia. The Association of Member Episcopal Conference of Eastern Africa (RCDMS) with educational, humanitarian, philanthropic, medical and social assistance. Our goal is to support, participate and raise awareness of the world of the spiritual and spiritual needs and riches of Somalia and the countries of Africa. We Missionaries of Charity raise our hearts and prayers to our Creator and we are willing to contribute to what is necessary for the progress and development of our beloved Motherland Mother land and every continent of Africa.
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The Catholic Diosece of Mogadiscio (CDMS) in communion with the Universal Church in Somalia dedicated to foster Evangelization and the promotion of integral human development. Catholic Diocese of Mogadiscio (CDMS) works in the areas of pastoral, social and development activities. The Church is directly involved in integrated human development through its pastoral and social development programs.
Catholic Secretariat (CS) is the executive organ of the Catholic Africa Bishops’ Conference (CBEC) coordinating the pastoral Activities commission (PAC) and the social and development commission (ECC-SDCO) activities.
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